Join our team

As the new e-Commerce intern

Join our team

As the new e-Commerce intern

About Les Deux

It All Started With a Single T-Shirt  

Sometimes, a friendship can grow between the unlikeliest of people. People from different backgrounds, with different personalities, and completely different upbringings can become something more together than they ever were apart.   

The story of the friendship that became Les Deux begins one cold autumn night in Copenhagen in 2011, when a law student from the suburbs met a creative guy with roots from Central Africa in one of the city’s bars.  

As the Two began talking, one noticed the other’s T-shirt: plain white with military patches sewn on by hand.   

Solid in their conviction that you can succeed no matter who you are, the Two had the spark of an idea to create more of these T-shirts, making clothing that unifies people.   

Two contrasts met – preppy and urban, creative and entrepreneur - and the Two warmed to their plan, settling on the ambitious goal of becoming one of the world’s most impactful lifestyle brands.   

A lot has happened since that first meeting. We’ve grown from a business run from the founder’s small Copenhagen apartment to an international brand with a team of 100 people with 100 different personalities and backgrounds, united in the belief that difference provides strength.    

As an intern at Les Deux, you will be joining forces with three different sub-departments in the e-Commerce department:

Webshop & Site Management
Paid and Organic Digital Marketing
Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Webshop and site management

Test your skills in the webshop department of the e-commerce team. You will be working with, and gaining knowledge in:

  • Heatmaps & A/B testing
  • Project management, implementation and execution.
  • Monitoring website performance and analytics
  • Webshop tasks in our back-end - SPY Systems - in picture uploads, product descriptions, tags and more.
  • Merchandising the site to increase AOV and CR.
  • Weekly competitor analysis on-site, newsletter and ads.
  • Management of on-site content.
  • Analysis and development of customer journey.
  • Insight and participation in online tools used to generate revenue in the e-commerce department.
  • Possibility of work in content development (with the marketing department).

And much, much more... You will have the possibility of adding your own specialized skills and toolset to implement your own ideas to the business.

Digital marketing

Creating engaging, relevant content for both organic and paid digital marketing has become more and more relevant in our current market to secure a thriving business online.

In the digital marketing department you will try your hand with:

  • Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook and Klaviyo.
  • Researching and analyzing market trends.
  • Assisting with planning and execution of e-mail marketing.
  • Developing creative strategies to engage users online.
  • A/B testing campaigns.
  • Developing creative strategies for increasing traffic and engagement
  • Preparation of advertisements and commercials on paid digital media.
  • Synchronization of communication between the eCom channels (newsletter, ads, onsite)
  • Monthly reporting and insight into paid advertising
  • Campaign analysis for CRM/PM

Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Data is the backbone supporting every decision, thesis and implementation in and around e-Commerce. In this department, you will learn how to work with:

  • Data Warehouse.
  • Structuring and transformation of data.
  • Conversion of data to business insights.
  • Visualizing analytics via Power BI.
  • Business insights to actions.

Our expectations for you as an Intern:

As an intern at Les Deux, you are passionate about your area of work. Proactivity is highly appreciated, and being able to work on your own projects is expected. Our culture stems from a flat hierarchy working environment mixed with a go-to attitude. Up for the task? We'd love to hear from you either by e-mail or at LinkedIn.

Reach Frederik Hoffmeyer here: