The Les Deux x Pro-Keds collaboration is the meeting between two cultures; Pro-Keds being the classic New York sneaker brand and Les Deux representing the classic Scandinavian design heritage, but with an aesthetic look that has its clear commonalities. Chris Bonenfant, senior designer and creative director at Pro-Keds, together with Mathias Jensen, creative director at Les Deux, are the two minds behind the designs launching the 27th of February.

Pro-Keds has a rich backstory dating back to 1949 as a basketball shoe. The shoes have been worn by most NBA players at the time and have since then evolved into a quintessential New York shoe. The company blossomed throughout the 70's becoming a widespreadathletic shoe in the 80’s. During this time it emerged as part of the origins of the hip hop culture and thus a cultural icon for break-dancers, graffiti artists and the remainder of the street scene. This vibrant piece of American history combined with the Scandinavian and dualistic design expression which characterizes Les Deux, creates something entirely unique.

The shared values of Pro-Keds and Les Deux is based on the aesthetic point of view, relying on clean and classic silhouettes, which is the foundation for this collaboration. Timelessly designed products that translate the heritage of both Pro-Keds and Les Deux, while remaining relatable to the core consumer of both brands.

The complete collection consists of 4 different pairs of shoes in a limited number which will be sold in selected stores across Europe.