Welcome a Les Deux scarf into your autumn/winter/spring wardrobe this season. Our collection emulates the quintessence of preppy fashion by combining our choicest fabrics with colours that match the season and nature.



Each scarf design has fringes, meaning that you’ll always bear an aura of grandeur with this classic design. Then to add that Les Deux je ne sais quoi into the mix, we have selected 100% wool of supreme quality; for you, it means you’ll keep warmer for longer with a distinctively soft feel against your neck, instead of the irritable feeling one has with low quality fabrics. The dimensions of the scarves are 185x70cm, implying that you can tie your scarf in several possible ways, whichever way you prefer.

At Les Deux, this ancient apparel has inspired us, and we have combined fashion with functionality in order to move scarves to the next level.

The scarves themselves are part of a time-honoured tradition, reminiscent of the ancient cultures from Rome to China. In Latin, they were known as focale or sudarium (sweat cloth) and were worn by military personnel. In the year 230 BC, Chinese imperial soldiers wore them to display their ranks as per the orders of Emperor Cheng. Over the centuries, the scarves became revived through various political or military reasons and traditions. An example of the scarf being worn as part of a regal display can be seen at Emperor Trajan’s Column in modern Rome.

For apparel that exudes regal elegance and that gives you a distinguished imperial aura, get you neck inside a Les Deux scarf for that quintessential preppy look.