At Les Deux, our signature boxers are designed with the “perfect fit” and “comfort” as focal points.

All of our boxers are made with a mid-length tight fit to keep everything in place and give the most comfortable fit. The front panel is double layered and this combined with the mid-length tight fit provides a distinctive feel. The design has practical applications too, as this fit is tailored to everything, from slim-fit jeans and trousers to shorts.

Boxers - White
White Mid-length Tight Boxers

299,00 DKK

Boxers - Black
Black Mid-length Tight Boxers

299,00 DKK

Boxers - Navy
Navy Mid-length Tight Boxers

299,00 DKK



In line with keeping our clean and preppy look throughout your outfit, we have a minimalistic approach. Yet we have added details in order to make them fit the Les Deux lifestyle; firstly we have added a small embroidered logo on the right thigh. Secondly, we have the classic Les Deux signature waistband.

For optimal comfort and flexibility, we use a combination of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This creates a feeling of softness while giving you that flexible fit.

Once you wear a pair of Les Deux boxers, you will be challenged to find another pair that feel and fit as well as ours.

Furthermore, Les Deux is French for “the two” and this is exactly what we give; you shall receive two pairs of Les Deux boxers every time you order.

So go ahead and spoil yourself with our offer of two, or share the comfort with a friend or loved one.