Nothing suits the summer wardrobe like a pair of Les Deux’s chino shorts.

Our shorts emulate the preppy style, meaning that they are suitable for both smart and casual days. The shorts are made from chino, a classic cloth dating from the 19th century with origins in British and French uniforms. Despite centuries of fashion history, the only thing that has changed is the usage of lightweight cotton to take comfort to the next level. Not only are our 100% lightweight cotton shorts superior in comfort, but it will retain both its’ comfort and shape due to the nature of the fabric.


In order to give our shorts that je ne sais quoi, we have added several details reminiscent of the Les Deux feeling. For example, we have added classic suit pocket buttons and tone-in-tone logos, which distinguish our shorts from the rest. Moreover, the shorts have a slim fit design and come in different colours. These shorts also have turn ups, the essence of preppy fashion.

We recommend one of our shorts with a polo shirt and a pair of sneakers. This outfit strikes a balance with sophistication and simplicity, while making you the quintessential preppy pedestrian walking down the street.

So next time you’re out to enjoy the sunshine, remember to take your Les Deux slim fit shorts for that extra edge in comfort.