After many years of continuous refinement in our design process, we are renowned for our baseball caps and snapbacks. Designing superior caps is not just an art but a science too; we have thus experimented arduously with materials and have a strong dedicated design team. This combination has led to our superlative collection of caps. Now, anyone looking through our collection will find something to match their taste.


These caps have a rich history, with the first snapbacks being present around the 1800s. The baseball cap as we know it first came to light during a baseball game in 1849, with the Brooklyn Excelsior’s being the first baseball team to add this headwear to their official uniform. By 1900, the “Brooklyn Style” baseball cap became popular among the rest of the American populace. Then during the 1940s, latex rubber became the stiffening material inside the hat and thus, the modern baseball cap was born.

The trend of baseball caps and snapbacks took off in the urban areas around New York and Los Angeles. In particular, music groups and sports stars popularised this headwear in the early 1990s, with the trend growing ever since.

We differentiate the caps into two styles; snapbacks and baseball caps. The snapback is technically an adjustable flat brim baseball cap. The baseball cap itself is characterised by a soft cap with a rounded crown, and stiff peak protruding from the front.

Common to both styles is that we design an adjustable fastening to ensure it always fits your head. Moreover, we offer both flexed and straight shades to help you in creating the look you want. Also, our caps come in a variety of colours i.e. black, navy, Bordeaux green, white crème etc. and despite often having simple designs, there are always distinctive touches in them to give it that Les Deux feel.

What makes our caps special with regards to design, is our variation in details of both fabric and shape. Our designs vary from our classic Roman numerals with the Les Deux logo, to statements and quotes. Our differentiation also lies in our choice of detail fabrics, from embroidery, leather, plastic mesh to reflect visor. The caps are mainly 100% cotton, with some using suede, warm wool blend and faux suede.

Our cap collection has something for everyone’s head. So keep an eye out and if you’re lucky, you may even find new limited edition caps.