Whether you want to look street-smart, sporty or ooze sophistication, Les Deux can provide you a jacket or coat to match the season or occasion. Our collection is a combination of timeless designs with Franco-Danish roots to give that suave cutting edge.



The designs are rooted in classical yet contemporary history. Take the bomber jacket for example, alternatively called the bombardier or flight jacket. Most of the modern bomber jackets are inspired by the MA-1 designed for the US Air Force, with the original inspirations taken from coats for fighter pilots experiencing below freezing temperatures at high altitudes.

Overcoats have a slightly ambiguous history, with origins dating from the 19th Century and nations from the Netherlands to the US having a claim to fathering a variety of overcoats. The most renowned of these overcoat styles is the “Peacoat”, commonly known as the navy coat. Les Deux produces these overcoats with wool to keep you warm, whilst giving you the deportment of admiralty.

For weather which is not so cold, the varsity jacket style has the quintessence of the preppy look combined with the street-smart look. This wardrobe classic has its’ origins at Harvard University in the year 1865, and has evolved from a knit-sweater with the letter “H” sewn on, to a fashion staple.

Regardless of the season, we at Les Deux have something in our collection to fulfil both your needs and taste. This collection is ever growing as we love pushing the boundaries of fashion to the next level.

So whether you’re going about the town or to lunch with your manager, Les Deux will have a garment to complement your wardrobe. These jackets and coats aren’t just clothes, but a statement which effervesces a commanding energy to those around you. Without any further ado, check out our ever expanding formidable collection of coats and jackets.