Stay sharp this season with our collection of fashionable yet functional suit pants. At Les Deux, quality is our lifeblood, meaning we focus on designs that look and feel great. Our suit pants are a wardrobe classic, designed for the exemplary gentleman. Whether you’re taking a stroll in the park, or going to a family reunion, our pants are meant for more than merely formal occasions.



The pants have an almost bespoke fitting, thus have intricate tailoring as displayed by the ‘Como’ trousers. The slim fit has both a contemporary look and like all our products, comfort is intertwined into the design. The ‘Como’ trouser pants are available in grey, navy and black, so you’ll never look or feel outlandish, as these colours complement every occasion.

The fabrics used for the pants are lightweight polyester, viscose and spandex blended together. This combination uses the benefits of all three materials; polyester is easy to wash/dry while keeping its shape and colour for longer compared to other fabrics. Viscose fabric is also renowned for keeping colour and has the benefit of superior softness to cotton. Lastly, spandex is renowned for its’ incredible elastic properties, as well as its’ high durability. These aforementioned fabrics are thus unified to create a pair of trouser pants that are durable, flexible, feel comfortable and look sophisticated.

Sophistication and simplicity are combined throughout our collection of pants, right from the design to the fabrics used in order to embody fashion with functionality.

Our pants are complementary with a sweater or alternatively, a bomber jacket that harmonises your outfit to exude that aura of quintessential preppiness.

So if you haven’t already ordered a pair of Les Deux pants, then welcome your wardrobe to new levels of comfort and style, with an item from our choicest collection.